Mint 30ml


A cool refreshing spearmint nic salt with a sweet finish
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Mint is fresh spearmint essence with a cool sweet edge, perfect for an afternoon lift. So kick back and get salt fresh.

Flaskestorlek: 30ml
Tillgänglig i: 25mg & 45mg
PG/VG: 50/50

Warning: Nicotine salts are advised to be used with pod systems ONLY (or with higher resistance coils, over 1 Ohm) – NOT with Sub Ohm systems (vape coils with resistance under 1 Ohm).

The nicotine used in Mr. Salt-E is enhanced with “nic salts”, which are purported to cause faster uptake of nicotine when vaped, more closely resembling the feel of traditional cigarettes because of its quicker absorption into your bloodstream.

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30 ML




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