Fit Pods


Smok Fit pods, for your Fit Kit, discrete, flavorful and geat value – don’t run out!

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These are replacement pods for the SMOK Fit Kit, discrete but packing a punch. Great for a backup device, or for stealth vaping, goes well with salts liquid.

These refillable pods have been designed by SMOK for their excellent ultra-portable Fit device. Featuring a 2 ml liquid capacity and simple operation, these pods allow you to use the liquid of your choice with the high quality and convenient Fit system.

Filling is accomplished with a needle bottle via a fill port located on the side of the mouthpiece. Enjoy portability, simplicity, and your favorite vape juice with these incredible Fit pods by SMOK today!

SMOK Fit Pods Package includes:
3 x refillable pods

SMOK Fit Pods Specifications:
2 ml liquid capacity
Compatible with the Smok Fit system


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