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Featuring a tactile fire button, a suite of protective features, and powered by a dual 18650 battery configuration; the G-Priv delivers all of the power, reliability, safety, and convenience available.

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We’ve got touch screens on our phones, in our cars, at the gas pump – we’re literally surrounded by touchscreens… except on our vape mods.

No, on our vaporizers, most settings are only accessible by feats of lengthy and complex button pressing, which are seemingly a cross between an endurance sport and a complex memory exercise. We’ve had about enough!

Thank goodness that our outrage just happens to coincide with the release of the incredible G-Priv mod from SMOK! The G-Priv is equipped with a remarkably large and stunningly brilliant 2.4 inch touchscreen that transforms adjusting your settings from arduous labor to an easy-breezy walk in the park! Gone are the days of trying to figure out how to hold three buttons down at the same time while standing on one leg and reciting the alphabet backwards; the G-Priv puts all of the control directly at your fingertips.

Clear and crisp graphical menus with intuitive navigation will have you transforming your vape experience into a personalized wonderland in no time flat! The touchscreen is definitely the star of the show, but the G-Priv device is also outfitted with all of the modern features and amenities you expect to find on an advanced device of this caliber.

Capable of providing up to 220 watts of intelligent temperature control compatible power, the G-Priv supports replacement coils made from all available modern materials and down to as low as 0.06 ohm.

Featuring a tactile fire button, a suite of protective features, and powered by a dual 18650 vape battery configuration; the G-Priv delivers all of the power, reliability, safety, and convenience available.

Experience this fascinating device for yourself by adding the SMOK G-Priv to your cart today. Feel the power!

SMOK G-priv Mod Kit includes:
Smok G-Priv device
Micro USB cable
User manual

SMOK G-priv Mod Product specifications:
Dimensions: 85 mm X 58.5 mm X 28 mm
Power range: 1 – 220 watts
2.4″ OLED touchscreen
Dedicated screen off/on button
Minimum coil resistance: 0.06 ohm (TC) 0.10 (VW)
Initial resistance adjustment
Adjustable TCR
Preheat adjustment
Dual 18650 battery configuration
Compatible with all temperature control capable coil materials
Temperature range: 200 – 600 degrees F
Upgradeable firmware
Intuitive menu layout
Magnetic battery bay cover
Micro USB port
Low voltage, resistance, and battery protection
Short circuit protection
Reverse polarity protection
Spring loaded 510 connection

The SMOK G-Priv is one of’s most powerful vape mods!

Additional Help & Advice
Vape starter kits can require a significant amount of technical knowledge to function correctly and safely. At we recommend you make sure you read all the instructions before firing up your device for the first time.

It’s generally safer to use an external battery charger if you as using a device with 18650 batteries. The reason for this is that you protect against wearing out your micro USB port and most external battery chargers deliver more balanced charge which prolongs the life of the battery and the device. Always ensure that you never use damaged batteries in either your device or separate charger as battery wrapping protects the device. If your device uses dual or triple battery configurations make sure you use the same brand of batteries with the same level of charge.

Make sure if you’re using the temperature control feature on your device that the vape coils your using are compatible. For example nickel, titanium, or stainless steel are safe for TC.

Please be aware that there is always a slight risk when using rechargeable batteries. Make sure batteries are never left charging unattended. Always keep your batteries in a container that is non-conductive to reduced risk. When moving batteries in and out of your device or charger make sure that you always check the batteries for any sign of damage. If they are damaged please don’t reuse them.


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