With a revolutionary new design the Cleito kit is perfect for those seeking a flavor focused vapor experience.
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Aspire brings you a wide choice of flavors and easy assembly with the complete Cleito kit.

Revolutionary design combines with voluminous airflow to bring you a new, improved vaping experience. Cleito’s new coil design frees up restriction in the airflow and offers direct vapor delivery as well as increased flavor.

Being able to completely dismantle the Cleito makes cleaning and maintenance easy and straightforward.

The contents of the kit includes one complete Cleito vape tank, one replacement pyrex tube, one extra replacement atomizer, one vape band and four rubber cuffs.

The Aspire Cleito is one of’s best vape tanks!

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Aspire has already built a reputation for high-quality, stylish and reliable hardware so solid it’s easy to forget they’ve only been around since 2013.


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